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is this you ?

  • Tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the daily duties to maintain the home
  • Rushing to get out the door for events, work, etc
  • Exhausted by the end of the day with nothing left to give
  • No time for self-care
  • Never knowing what to cook for the family each day
  • Mind full of all the things to do
  • Overstimulated and touched out
  • Pulling your hair out from chaos with the kids
  • Stressed out more often than not
  • Feeling like your the only mom that feels a mess

If You’re A Mom Experiencing Chaos with...

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  • Home-life balance
  • Self- care
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Time Management
  • Consistency with plans & routines

This Is For You!

Mika is a faith-based motivational mom mentor and coach who helps moms overcome challenges to reach their household goals. She is passionate about helping moms manage stress and overwhelm and overcome obstacles to create peaceful home environments.

She uses her experiences as a wife and mom of 4 to connect with her audience and inspire them. She also uses her platform to advocate for mothers, speaking out against the stigma of mom burnout and emotional depression calling for better support for mothers.

Her work has helped to raise awareness of the struggles that mothers face and has helped to create a more supportive environment for Moms.

What others are saying...

“Mika is what I needed in my life! Being a ​mom of two that’s being pulled in multiple ​ways, organization is what I needed. However, ​I didn’t know what to start. Mika helped me ​get my kids and I on a schedule that made ​things much easier, and it also made sense to ​my kids. So grateful for Mika!” -Regina ​Stallworth

“Mika is a complete sweetheart. The ​work that she is doing is beyond needed. ​As a mom of 3, her coaching tips have ​helped me tremendously to break the ​cycle of complete stress and chaos.” -​Brittany Holley

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“Mika is amazing! She cares about helping you ​not only get your mommy duties in order but ​YOU in order. She understands that in order to ​pour into your children you have to pour into ​you first. I appreciate the information she ​gives and the work she does in the ​community!!” -Lisha Moore

“I’ve gotten such great tips and helpful insight on ​how to plan out my time to care for my children ​which included - meal prep ideas, after-school ​activities as well as tips on how to creatively include ​your children in maintaining a clean household. ​Mommiversity is the community I needed to feel ​supported and heard as a wife and mother of 4.” -​K.N Mackie

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What to expect...

  • Peaceful home environment
  • Less stress & overwhelm
  • Time for self-care
  • Home organization
  • Support and accountability
  • No Judgement safe space
  • Easy to maintain routines
  • Home life balance
  • Community
  • Homie Momma Friend